General Mills

General Mills

Located at 38th St. and Hiawatha opposite the 38th St Station in Minneaoplis, #7176 is still lettered for the old Schreier Malting .

Andy Inserra found it working on 17 Nov 2004 in a really thick fog - the grain season is in progress and the mill loading/unloading tracks were heavily occupied...


35 ton GE switcher
b/n 34587
Built in 10/62
ex Cargill - Savage,MN plant
originally from Baton Rouge [LA] Cargill plant


And a close up - Andy Inserra photo


These two shots are by Wilbur Stryk in the summer of 2004 showing the front and side of this critter. It usually works weekday mornings at their mill on the east side of the tracks between 37th and 38th St [and the yard just south of 38th] along Hiawatha and just steps from the 38th St Station on the Hiawatha Line.