1701 Classroom Bldg Room 4

Our New Home!

1701 Classroom Building

Our home - the 1701 Classroom Building [look like a church to you? It was before the U took over...]

Welcome to the club in room 4!

Welcome to the club in room 4!

Spring Break 2003

Most of you knew our room in St Paul was temporary and would someday be needed for academic work. They are soon moving a new tenant into the office and we are moving.

But hang on! Our new place is wonderful! Sure, it may not have the carpeting or that but it sure makes up for it in size and potential! It is room 4 in 1701 University Ave [located in the lower level in the "maintenance" area]. It was a kitchen for the Newman Center when they used the place, now the building is mainly general purpose classrooms and CSci offices, and room 4 was just storage for the Coffman rebuilding.

The main area [yes, there are sections to the room!] is 20*30 with two branch areas, one with a stainless steel table/bench and the other is a walk in closet type thing with shelves, coat racks, and a walk in freezer! That's right, we are most likely the only rail club in the world with such a feature! [We doubt it works, it was installed in 1951!]. The whole thing has a total of roughly 1000 sq. ft.. Sure, there are weird pipes and plenty of junk and dust to clean but with a hard day's work and some caffeine we can get it looking sharp!

The main area

To the left is our freezer/closet - the right is our dishwashing nook.

Coat room & shelves
Coat room, shelves, and to the left, a walk in freezer!

View from the nook

Another view from the nook on the right of the freezer/closet area.

A mess now

A mess now, but soon to be a great rail empire! Well, someday - but first which way to the dumpster for some of this junk? And does the dumbwaiter still work? Trains upstairs, the next frontier!

Summer 03 - The room is cleaned up and we're ready to build the UMTC railroad!

Here are a few shots of our First Home...

Our old home - room 125C in the Classroom Office Building in St Paul

Our old home - room 125C in the Classroom Office Building in St Paul

Our old home - room 125C in the Classroom Office Building in St Paul campus. Just 13*13 feet, a great place to start but way too small when you look at what we are doing now!

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