Model Railroad Ideas

Ideas for your own model railroad!

So you say you need ideas on something to make on your own model railroad? We can help! Below are some catogories to choose from...

Switching in tight places
Minnesota Commercial runs some very tough switching jobs in South Minneapolis. Add to that fact that often times one can find MNNR's Alcos and MLWs working along this route and there is a lot to model.
These plans are of a few of the different grain mills they serve and are perfect for that narow shelf layout or an addition to your existing layout.

Shortline Mainline
Have more space to model? Well here are some ideas. Here is one Minneapolis to Hugo, more to come!

Bigger Switching
Have space for a bigger switching area? Try Bayport for some ideas!If you have photos of the mills or of highlights in Bayport or on the Hugo line we can use your help! Drop us a line, click contacts below

Please be safe and smart when researching railroads. Do not trespass and ask permission before taking photos on private property. And remember - trains can come from any direction at any time.