The Layouts

B50 Magrath layout

Our Model Railroads

Our current location is now off campus in the basement of the Hennepin Overland Railway Historical Society
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Our third home was B50 Magrath Library on the Saint Paul campus. The space was a dry and carpeted former computer lab (lots of handy electical outlets everywhere). We continued to build Free-mo modules to efficently use our space. 
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Our second location was 310 Williamson hall on the east bank in Minneapolis.
In the Fall of 2011 we abandoned the old layout after salvaging what we could of the electronics, track, structures, rolling stock and locos as we had deciding to set up shop as a free-mo moduler group in our new space (much easier to move modules than tear apart a permanent layout).  A leaky roof was the downfall of this space and after a couple of frustrating years we were on the move again...  
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Our first layout was in Room 4 in the 1701 University Ave Bldg in Dinkytown [a U classroom building that was torn down to construct a dorm].
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