Free-Mo modules

Module Photos


UMTC CF7 services the Valspar plant

UMTC caboose on Valspar bridge

A view of one of the UMTC cabooses waiting for the crew to finish work at Valspar

UMTC 2493

The CF7 moves down the line to start servicing the other businesses on the Free-mo line...


Bob Sterner's impressive Valspar module! Based in the building next to the Dome on the Hiawatha Line - if you've ridden the 16 or the train you know the one!


UMTC S1 #101 and slug #S2 switch the plant...


Another shot the diamond and switch crew

Valspar - before buildings

As a vacant lot before the buildings were added...


Busy times on the Free-mos these days. GP7 2301 switches the area today [on the club module]...

new modules test run

Lynn from the TCD gives Bob's [tan] and the club's [brown] modules a test run with a Soo S12 zipping along the track.

Coca-Cola Bottling plant module

And this is Nate's Coca-Cola Bottling plant - ok so it is really a Mello-Yello can but the local Coke bottler is served by Progressive Rail on the Eagandale line.

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