Como Harriet Streetcar Line

Como-Harriet Streetcar Line tour report

Sept 6th 2003 saw many of us out at the Como-Harriet Streetcar line! We recieved a terrific behind the scenes tour as well as trips in all three cars on their line. We aslo gave them an excuse to open early as well as run all three cars in one day!

Photos by Andy Inserra unless noted

Car 1300

Car 1300 awaits passengers at the carbarn

como 1300

Car 1300, the one that started it all for the Como Harrriet Streetcar Line.

Car 265

Touring the shops and car 265 -Bob Sterner.

como 265

Car 265 enters the Linden Hills station area.


Car 1300 and PCC 322 pass each other - this is rarely done in regular operation as there usually aren't two cars out on the line


PCC 322 comes into the station.


The PCC leaves the shops for the Linden Hills station - Bob Sterner.

Leaving the station

Car 1300 boards another load and gets ready to start the regular day.

Thanks to all at the CHSL for a wonderful time!! Visit them all summer long and now weekends through November. More info at