1701 University HO Layout Building - 2008

Construction photos from 2008

Note- think of this as a running log of our work in photo format. Since we often shoot photos a couple times a month it will be pretty long at the end of the year and for people on dial-up modems it may take a minute to load. Thanks to Andy Inserra, Ron Miller, and Dave Bayer for their camera work.  Enjoy!

January 1

Bruce the Elephant is currently in charge of parking enforcement around the Camden area...

Scott sent a Walther's Amtrak station kit, just about as close to the Midway station as you can get this side of scratch building!

And one last run on the short lived second main around the second level

Here's how it looked on the other side

The president's special completes one last tour...

January 15

GopherRail is starting to take our attention again so the progress will slow a bit on the layout in preparation for the show... But here's a shot of the St Paul yard under construction, way to go Mark!

January 22

St Paul yard is under construction!

More progress on the free-mo connection... All track is in and can now link to modules

The servicing area of the yard is coming together...

The Camden corner has a new customer - Coke is building a plant there.  Ok, maybe not but the 12 and 24 packs were perfect for holding the new roadway in place while the glue dried

January 29

Brad quietly assembled the servicing platform, now we need to get these tracks tied in to put it in service!

Another view from over the turntable pit.  And check it out - Bob the Washington Bureaucrat (blame Ron for the name) came back for a return inspection!  Left to right - Brad, Jeff, Mark, and Bob...

Dave made great progress and the body of the transfer yard is ready for full service!

Traffic is back to normal now that the heavy duty paving is done in Camden, just need to fill between the rails and start adding details

February 5

Dan is hard at work on the new hills near the diamond

Paving between the rails has started in Camden

Hopefully the roads will be back to normal soon - having no crossings puts a dent in traffic...

Another new building shows up, looks like they already have parking issues, must be near campus...

February 12

A view of the right side corner...

Camden paving keeps moving along.

Mark keeps working on St Paul Yard - dig the new sky

February 26

Dan's city park and graveyard is coming along!

March 4

Dan and Wat inspect the new basketball hoop...

The new building - this time tall enough to cover the outlets - is in place...

March 11

The track is back in service around the new buildings

A view of the new paving - it is almost done...

A temporary branchline siding was added for operating purposes direct from Gary's old layout.

March 25

A new building, the start of another street...

Another look at Camden

One of the B23-7s switches the area

April 1

Scott Kotnour brought in the newest addition to the fleet - MP15 875.  He also brought his own Soo MP15 to run for the night on the layout.  Enjoy the photos!

April 8

Tonight's theme is progress...

Turntable progress...


Diesel shop progress


Yard progress


Fascia progress


Paving progress

April 15

Some interesting switching moves in the Camden area today

Another look at the temporary yard...

Turntable progress...

May 6

A look at future building!  Amazing what you can do with a bit of tape and the plain walls - now it is on to the building phase...

May 13

The MP15AC drops a car at the furniture plant...

May 20

Just some photos from the Camden area tonight!

And a photo of some additional paving work...

Summer 2008 - we're on hiatus, check back after Labor Day for more photos!

October 8

Thanks to the current building uncertainty we're temporarily locating the shop where the turntable would be for now.  Gives us something to work with but doesn't tie us down...

October 15

The new shop with power outside...

October 22

A night of steam photography courtesy of Ron!

October 29

Turntable pit just about ready...

November 5

Turntable - painted!


Coal running through Wisconsin


Switching in Camden - Bruce the Elephant is back on parking patrol duty!

November 11

The Railroad Club takes the world by storm and hits YouTube!



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