We've got a wanted list - though the post office rejected it.

Anyway - here we go, if you find it laying around your place think of donating it!

-Money - we take cash, check, money order, spare change found in the back of the bus... This is a huge help, we're great at finding good deals on materials but can't buy them without the cash!

-Rolling Stock and Locos in both HO or N scale - we can be creative and give it a good home.

-Rail books and videos [magazines also accepted] - our library is small but growing!

-Scenery material - rock molds, Envirotex, Sculptamold, a billion HO scale trees, the works.

-Buildings - un-built kits are our big need right now. The layout just doesn't look lived in until there are buildings along the line. Can't have trains if there isn't a place for the trains to receive and drop off their loads.

-Tools - looking for a drill, drill bits [they kind of go together don't they?], screw driver set, circular saw, table saw, chop saw, you get the idea - stuff used to build stuff with, that sort of stuff is the stuff we are looking for.

-Lumber - details on what exactly we need coming soon - but don't hesitate to ask - large sheets of plywood and masonite along with long 2*4's are useful. No Termites please

And of course - the most important
a Winning Powerball ticket

There you have it [though even if it isn't listed we might be able to use it] - thanks to all who have helped donate stuff so far!

Even if we can't use your donation please consider other options before sending it to the landfill. Our friends at Eureka Recycling operate a great website - Twin Cities Free Market.  They link people giving stuff away to people just looking to give it a good home.  A great way to be a good steward of the environment and also help out other railroaders.