1701 University HO Layout Building - 2007

Construction photos from 2007

Note- think of this as a running log of our work in photo format. Since we often shoot photos a couple times a month it will be pretty long at the end of the year and for people on dial-up modems it may take a minute to load. Thanks to Andy Inserra, Ron Miller, and Dave Bayer for their camera work.  Enjoy!

Jan. 16

Street paving is wrapping up...

And the transload gets a new fence

Jan. 23

Dan is ready to pour the foundation for the depot in Duplainville - check out those scale concrete forms

Mark is really flying along at the dairy - check out this scenery work

Cork is underway in this corner!

Jan. 30

Major new work goes on hiatus from here out for a month or so for GopherRail planning and preparations! 

Depot foundation is poured...

Mark makes even more progress...

The beginnings of trackwork in the corner!

Bruce the Elephant is back at work helping install fence at the transload

March 13

Now that GopherRail is over it is back to work!  That was a bit of a time hog so not a lot got done.  Right now it is corner work and a lot of small misc. stuff as we wait for back orders at Walthers to show up...

The corner area takes shape!

And a ground view...

April 26

Dan has been busy with siding ballast in D'ville...

May 1

Grade crossings take shape thanks to Ron's street improvements...

Quad Graphics gets ballast


And new switch motors go in around the corner...

May 8

Andy starts work on a new paving area in the Northside Switching District...

June 5

More ballast and industrial area work

June 19

Some added industrial area work

June 26

Scott Kotnour visited recently and grabbed these shots...

July 31

Even with a lack of supplies that are still out on backorder there has been surge in work recently.

A new coat of blacktop for the D'ville depot parking area

The paving in the industrial district continues

Dan is back to ballast work and making great progress

And D'ville decides to pave their crossing...

August 14

Barricades have been added to the closed grade crossing...

More switching district progress

Sept. 5

The wall no longer has the white/blue split personality...

It would appear that we had some rather strong winds in this area, all the trees are blown down across the diamonds...

That or Dan the Forester has been here - he's actually getting ready to add more trees to the layout...

Sept 11

Some paving work and striping by the local paving crews

Switching district update - more progress, and new buildings are in so watch for even more work to come!

Sept 18

Some new buildings are starting to take shape in the switching district area - the blue modern warehouse will disappear once a suitable replacement that better fits shows up in a couple weeks...

Oct 9

Scott Kotnour showed up with some of his own equipment - here are a few photos of his custom local power on our layout.

Oct 16


A new building has arrived...


New supports are installed...

And new pavement is finally done...

Oct 23

More progress - the wall now has boards for the facade and track work has started on the other corner

Oct 30

Dan is finally getting the snow scene he's always wanted - even if it is just for a few weeks...

And Dave and Andy finally wrap up phase one of the paving - now it is on to the painting, gluing, pothole filling, etc.

Nov 6

The North Loop area is taking shape - more activity and the first trains are now running.  Paving is underway but won't be finalized until the track has been given the final ok. 

Seems that we're going to have to teach the drivers how to deal with the recent increase in trains...

The transfer yard is finally taking shape

One end of the wye is started...

And the other switching district is now underway

Nov 13

Tests of the new buildings are in place with the black and white versions

More progress on the wye thanks to Mark!

Nov 20

Seems like we're going to have some parking issues...

And more wye progress!

Nov 27

The first full blown testing of the Camden trackage is underway

And we're adding even more buildings

Including new buildings created by software by Evan Designs - print your own buildings!

And Mark is hard at work laying track while Gary is on holiday.  The other corner is making great progress.

And the transfer yard is finally getting ready to enter service. 

Dec 18

An update on the Camden district - Bruce the Elephant is back with a new job - parking enforcement!

And the new Bubble Up bottle factory! 



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