310 Williamson - 2014

2014 started on a sour note as the roof was leaking again.  We were lucky that modules had been moved out of the room to attend a show at the Saint Paul Rivercenter when it started leaking again.  Modules back under plastic and waiting to hear about another fix...

Leaky roof with modules under plastic again

At the end of spring semester we were notified by the University that the room was to be occupied by another tennant in the fall and we would have to move again.  The new space would be in Saint Paul in the basement of Magrath library.  A former computer lab that is long and narrow but a dry space.

August 2014
Let the move begin!  Modules taken down, and everything else boxed up and set for a move to hopefully a more usable space in Saint Paul!

Getting ready for move to Saint Paul

And we're outa here...
Empty room with buckets

Empty room with buckets

Empty storage area

More soon from our new home in Saint Paul!

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