Wabash yard

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Wabash yard - 3 sections

Module Name: Wabash yard

Prototype?: None - constructed as a generic staging yard.

Builder(s): Tom Johnson, David Klemm, UMTC

Owner: UMTC

History:  Originally designed as a generic staging yard for free-mo setups by Tom Johnson.   The yard was named 3D Staging as it was built on 3 hollow core door sections.  The module had a double track yard throat with a hand laid double crossover (AJ Murphy) to give access to both yard ladders regardless of which track a train entered on.  An additional feature was the inclusion of two run through tracks on the lower ladder to allow for the yard module to be connected to any double track free-mo module.  The yard could be set up in either a two or three section configuration.  The downfall of the module was the use of code 100 track which was problematic when the module was offered for national setups which required code 83 track to be in compliance with the national standard.

3D Staging

3D staging

David Klemm adopted the module and replaced the code 100 with code 83 track.  The yard throat was modified into a five track configuration to fit into his Decatur module set.  When David sold his Decatur module the yard was offered to UMTC where it has resided since 2013.

UMTC has used the module as both a two or three section yard.  We had to do a slight adjustment to the yard tracks to make them line up better for use in either configuration and change the cam lock orientaton on the modules so they were in the same orientation on all three sections.  The run through tracks are now in use with the figure eight layout we have currently in the club room space.  A dedicated curve module (Hill curev) is used for this purpose.  We have also constructed an 18" long adapter module to connect the run through tracks to a standard 26" double track free-mo endplate.