Railroad Club at the University of Minnesota


Welcome to the homepage of the Railroad Club at the University of Minnesota, the only group in Minnesota for college student railfans! Like trains? Scale models? Electronics? Building things? We've got something for everyone with an interest in trains, whether you have been watching them since you were a kid or if you just are interested in getting into the hobby. Come on over and check out the Railroad Club!  And while you are here, explore the site and see what we are up to...

Spring 2020 Meetings: 
Monday nights starting around 6:30 pm

We're in:
Room B50 in Magrath Library, Saint Paul

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The club welcomes all current and former students, U staff & faculty to join this exciting club!
Come help us build the UMTC Railroad!
On the Minneapolis Campus?  No problem!  Take the Campus Connector
UMTC Location Magrath Library

Club Room - B50 Magrath

The club room (B50) is located on the basement level of Magrath Library in the former computer lab, adjacent to the study space area.