B50 Magrath Photos - 2019

Run through adapter module for Wabash yard
Run through adapter module connected to Wabash yard

Road trip
Free-mo setup at UW Stout fieldhoue - Menomonie

Modules return from Menomine

Finishing the wiring on Wabash yard control panels


Control panel wired up and fuctioning - Wabash yard
Pizza and Trains night


Modules back up after menomonie show

Adding ground cover to yard throat sectionUpdated scenery on yard throat section

Trains running

Painting track on Hill curve

Laying track on MNS juction siding

Progress on MNS juction signal and siding track

Power running on new MNS juction siding

Working on Nokomis mill silos

Working on Lonely curve scenery update

Pizza and trains II

AREMA visitors
Checking out the view

Laying out the road on Interplastics